Education Model

Our educational model is designed for kids to have fun while learning one of today’s most essential skills: coding. We empower students by giving them the confidence and skills to succeed in a rapidly changing digital world.

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Teaching Method

Most teaching models based on a passive learning model where students read, listen to a lecture, or watch instructional videos. At KoolCoders, we use an active teacher model where students engage in hands-on learning. They not only engage in discussions and practice skills, but they also work together as peers to learn and share information. Classes are designed to offer only 10-minutes of instruction or reading, and the remaining time is left for hands-on, active practice, or doing. We ensure our students are actively engaged in the learning process through lab work and in-class coding activities, fun and engaging homework assignments for independent learning, and highly effective peer programming activities. We create a fun environment that is conducive to learning, because kids learn best while having fun.


Why choose KoolCoders?

Progressive Curriculum

KoolCoder's curriculum is designed to help students grow and learn as they progress through the leveled learning tracks.

Project Focused

Teachers take a few minutes to offer instruction-based learning, then the bulk of the time is spent in hands-on learning. Students build projects, games, and web applications.

Individualized Instruction

Children learn differently. Our coding curriculum allows students to advance at a pace that is comfortable. Instructors offer resources and individual instruction to help students proceed at their own pace.