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API Testing


About Course

Unlock the world of software development with our engaging and hands-on course designed for young learners. In this course, kids will dive into the fascinating realm of APIs, gaining essential skills in API testing using tools like Postman and Rest Assured. They'll explore RESTful architecture, master HTTP methods, understand JSON structures, and even venture into the world of Java-based automation. 💻 Prior Java knowledge required.

What skills you will learn?

Understanding of APIs, their significance in software development.

Proficiency in API testing tools like Postman for practical application.

Knowledge of RESTful architecture and mastery of HTTP methods.

Competence in handling various aspects of API communication, including HTTP status codes, request/response bodies, and headers.

Practical skills in utilizing Rest Assured for Java-based API testing and navigating JSON structures.

Application of advanced concepts such as serialization, deserialization, POJO, Jackson Databind Library.

Trainer Info

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Babak Guliyev

He works as a Software Engineer and builds REST APIs with the Scala Play app that serves business logic to front-end applications. He also designs and implements new test automation tools and frameworks.   He is Java Certified and holds a master’s degree in Educational Technology.   Experience in IT: 5 years   Experi...

Java Trainer

Advantages of the Course

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Classes are Designed for Active Learning

Our structured curriculum teaching coding fundamentals using fun, engaging, and interactive projects. Kids engage while having fun learning. They quickly use coding skills to build their own games, apps, and websites.

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Learning the Most In-Demand Programming Language

Kids will get a huge head start on their futures by learning the most widely used coding language like Java.

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Structured Coding Curriculum that Delivers Results

Kids progress through the learning levels in our structured coding curriculum. This progressive path provides age-appropriate instruction and hands-on projects in coding to help them gain the skills they need to succeed in the real world.